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Made in China - Does not mean poor quality!

To say that all products that come from China are poor quality is wrong. The fact is that many, many global names manufacture in China under licence. The Chinese manufacture to a cost and if everything is manufactured to the lowest cost then unfortunately quality is compromised. At this point it would be fair to say that these products are “rubbish”. Unfortunately some distributors see, and saw this as a way to quick riches and unfortunately there are still distributors in the UK that still believe this.

Without naming names there are still UK distributors that are bringing or distributing products into the UK that don’t even have the correct safety certification let alone any in-depth knowledge of the product or it's reliability.

So why are we different?

I have been personally involved with the reputable UK distributors that import the products on my web-site, in fact in a previous job before setting up blueU I visited many of the factories. I understand that it is important to offer a low cost option but not compromising the quality. I understand that the reason a fridge breaks down is because the compressor fails. I understand that the reason that a fryer breaks down is because the element fails. I understand that if we invest a small amount by specifying more expensive European components then the reliability is significantly increased.

blueU only purchases from wholesalers that have a proven track record of reliability with a comprehensive after sales service and also hold a similar philosophy to me on importing products.

So what are my recommendations?

Cooking Equipment:

If you are looking for a lighter duty, or stand-by piece of cooking equipment then any of the products shown on this web-site are great value and meet my stringent criteria. If it’s a piece of cooking equipment that your business can not function without then think carefully about buying a product with a return to base warranty. If the product were to fail you will be without the product for up-to a week. The extra investment to buy a product with an on-site warranty might prove invaluable.

“If I were buying a non essential or standby piece of equipment I would buy the products shown on my web site!”


Refrigeration imported from China cannot be ignored the cost is sometimes half of that manufactured in the UK. The warranties offered often equal that of the UK manufacturers and providing, like the products on this web site, they use European components they can be great value.

“If I were buying refrigeration for a restaurant I owned I would, without hesitation, use the imported products on my web site.”

Chris Orme
Owner - blueU Ltd.

Posted On: 13 May 2015 10:57:57