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Let’s Talk about Warranties

Not all products have the same warranty and it’s important when buying equipment that the warranty is suitable for your business operation.


In a nutshell there are two types that manufacturers offer. Firstly an on-site warranty where an engineer will attend your premises and repair the unit and secondly where a product will be collected by the manufacturer, returned to their workshop, repaired and returned. The timescales in which this repair is made varies depending on the manufacturer, however it is fair to say that a return to base warranty will take longer because of the transportation to and from your premises.


In general products that are inexpensive to buy often carry a “return to base” warranty because the cost of sending an engineer to your premises is disproportionate to the cost of the product.


My recommendation is that if a product carries a return to base warranty and is a piece of business critical equipment think very carefully about a contingency plan should the equipment fail. Very few manufacturers will offer a loan unit, primarily due to high transportation costs.


The length of on-site warranty with full parts and labour will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with some offering up to 5 years cover. This is much more suitable for a piece of equipment that will adversely affect your business should it fail.


However, a couple of cautionary notes.

All warranties cover the product if failure is due to a manufacturing fault or a component failure. No warranty will cover failures caused by the operator.


A manufacturer sometimes offers its re-sellers the opportunity to buy the equipment without any warranty at a reduced price and it’s not unheard of that some on-line retailers have advertised a product at a very attractive price and it’s not until it’s too late customers have discovered why it was such a great price.


Not carrying out the recommended maintenance instructions can cause a unit to fail and if this is identified the repair bill, including the engineers first visit will be the responsibility of the operator. I’ve never seen an engineers visit for less than £100!


If you are unclear regarding any aspects relating to a warranty being offered, ask! Before it’s too late.


Chris Orme


blueU Ltd

Posted On: 22 Apr 2016 16:20:05
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